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Financial Aid

ottomun is proud to offer considerable financial aid for both delegate and school fees, in the form of fee waivers. Please with any questions regarding financial aid. Please note that indicating the potential for financial aid on the school registration form is not considered submitting an official fee waiver request. Due to overwhelming demand, we cannot guarantee financial aid after the close of regular registration.


delegates who are in need of financial aid in order to attend ottomun should submit requests directly to the Academic Coordinator. All cases are assessed on an individual basis, and will generally result in a 15%, 25%, or 40% reduction in delegate costs dependent on need. ottomun has a very limited number of 100% financial aid for martyr’s children , in order to ensure that as many delegates as possible are able to benefit from our aid program.
Delegates should send both of the documents listed below to request financial aid:
• A letter outlining your motivation for attending ottomun as well as your need for financial aid.
• A signed letter from a teacher or administrator at your school commenting on your need.
Once completed, please attach both documents to an email and send your request to You should expect a response within one to two weeks. Please do not submit a registration before you receive a response, as you will be emailed special instructions about how to register if your financial aid request is approved.


ottomun hopes that no delegations are barred from attending ottomun due to the conference fees. For this reason we are able to offer financial aid to cover some or all of the teacher chaperone costs. In most cases, this will result in a 25% or 40% reduction in costs, but ottomun also has a limited number of 100% reductions which we are able to award on the basis of demonstrated need. Please email to inquire further.