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ottomun welcomes

Position Paper Submission
ottomun is one of Turkey’s premier  educational simulations.
ottomun is  the  largest  middle  school  and  high  school 
student-organized Model United Nations conference in Turkey.
Since  its  inception in 2011, ottomun  has simulated world 
diplomacy, inspiring  our  delegates to become  more  aware, 
more  educated,  and  more thoughtful global citizens in an  
increasingly  complex   world.  Delegates  at  ottomun  are 
immersed  in  a  thriving  fast-paced  environment, working 
together  to  create practical and dynamic solutions to the
world’s  most   pressing  problems.  Our  diverse committee 
line-up will allow students to think critically,collaborate
with others, propose constructive resolutions, and  develop 
the diplomatic skills that are more important than ever.Our
committee  staff  members  are  comprised  of  high  school 
students  from  throughout  the  Pacific  Northwest who are 
carefully selected based upon their extensive Model UN  and 
debate experience and expertise. The foundations of ottomun 
–a team of professional staff , an  atmosphere of progress,
and a high quality of debate – mean that every year,ottomun
brings  together  over  a thousand passionate middle & high
school students  who  are dedicated  to  ensuring our world
works together to bring about global change.

Delegates in Action

Why attending ottomun?

International Staff

Top university students with extensive model
united  nations  experience  mentor  ottomun 

Intelectual skills

Share intelectual  capacity  by  taking part
in  committee   discussions  to  offer  life 
changing sulotions for global issues.

Exclusive Resources

Enjoy   comprehensive  model  united nations
digital  resource  and  training   materials
for ottomun delegates.

Individualized Approach

ottomun's  staff and  leadership is known for 
their detailed oriented approach with  around
the clock avaibility.

Premier Study Guides

ottomun  offer  the  most comprehensive study 
guides,   preparing  students  for  excellent
committee  participation.

Professional Development

ottomun 2020 will be hold between March 14-16,
2020  in Antalya,  Turkey.  All  participants, 
are required to stay at the hotel.

Unforgettable Experiences

Conclude   3   days   of   problem   solving
approach  by  speaking at the world renowned
podium .

Academic Rigor

Enjoy deep immersion  into the united  nations 
system and engaging various global issues that
un deals to create a better world.

ottomun Details

Join Our 2020 conference

Registration for ottoman 2020 has begun! 
registration is required for all schools.

Conference Costs

The conference by itself costs 110 USD. However, 
the whole package  including  airfare, transfer, 
and  accommodation  will cost 1850 Turkish Lira.

Submit Your Requests

Fill out the application forms and choose
your committee and country to represent.

Important dates and sessions

ottomun  conference  2020  will  behold between
March   14-16, 2020  in  Antalya,  Turkey.  all 
participants, are required to stay at the hotel.